Did I Really Just Buy an iPad

Welcome back guys. I know it’s been a minute since my last post, but I’ve been super busy finishing up school (I’m a school teacher) and planning for my wedding (8 more days, June 20th).
However, what’s really grabbed my attention lately has been my brand spanking new iPad Mini with retina display. Yes, you heard me right, I said iPad Mini!

Now, for those who don’t know, I have abhorred iOS since it hit the seen in 2007. I’ve always seen iOS as an overly-dictating and constraining mobile operating system. From it’s old skeuomorphic design, to it’s mind numbingly boring app drawer interface, I couldn’t stand iOS. I decided to embark on a loyal journey with Google’s Android platform, which to me seemed open and ready to be tinkered with by a tech geek like myself.

It’s now been been six years as an avid Android. That includes 6 different smartphones and two tablets. It’s been a long and faithful ride with Android, and don’t get me wrong this is not my farewell letter to Android…yet.

Curiosity Doesn’t Always Kill

Every year would go by and I would see a new iPhone released and I would see every so-called “hipster” or celebrity rocking an iPhone and I couldn’t help but wonder “What makes these things so great?” Then one day I stumbled across iOS 7 . It looked so beautiful yet simple that it was hard to not become intrigued by Apple’s latest iOS offering. This led to hours of researching reviews to see what iOS 7 had in store. Well to make a long story short, I went ahead and pulled the trigger last week and purchased an iPad Mini from T-Mobile. Only cost me an extra $17 a month to my bill. So it seemed like an easy choice, besides I’ve never owned a tablet with a LTE radio inside.

To put this simply, I love this thing and its by far the best tablet I’ve ever owned. I went ahead and picked up a Zagg Folio keyboard case from Best Buy to protect my new toy. It has made my new iPad the most powerful and practicle piece of tech that I own. I’ve used it to play games, pay bills, blog (using the WordPress app right now), browse the web, and even make and receive phone calls using Google Hangouts.

I’ve been quite suprised in how polished iOS 7 is compared to Android. Even more surprising is the fact that Google’s own apps have worked with more beauty and efficiency than they ever did on Android. I’m highly vested in Google’s ecosystem and my greatest fear was losing these if I every made the switch to iOS. But boy was I wrong!! The vast majority of Google apps I have used have worked great if not better than they ever did on any Android phone or tablet. For instance, the Google search app is a complete joy to use. From the way search results slide in from the right from a built in browser, which can be swiped away at any time. To the fact that the “Ok Google” hotword still works. It’s been so great knowing that I don’t have to subjected to the novelty personal assistant which is Siri.

Highly satisfied with my purchase, I am now seriously contemplating if I should take the full leap and completely jump ship from Android. I’ve even been on craiglist looking for a cheap iPhone I could pick up just to experiment with life with an iPhone. So if you read this post and you would like to contribute to my cause hit me up in the comments and let me know.


5 thoughts on “Did I Really Just Buy an iPad

  1. IOS certainly is clean, pretty etc. and at first these aspects are really refreshing from Android. However you soon find Apple limitations and get frustrated with them. One that drives me insane is the keyboard on an iPhone, only on iOS 8 are they going to finally allow keyboards like Swiftkey to be installed on their devices. At the moment you still have to type a letter at a time on your iPhone! Also, here in South Africa data consumption is expensive and as I blogged about on http://markronthego.blogspot.com you are not really able to monitor your data usage on an iPhone.

    I’d be interested to know how you feel next week


    • Mark appreciate the reply! That’s what I hear everyone saying, but I haven’t ran into those problems yet. Yeah the keyboard does suck, but I use a bluetooth one for my ipad so its never a problem. And when ios 8 comes out it will be irrelevant. I’ve beeen getting a lot of flack lately about thinking about making the switch, but maybe I’m a rare case where a switch from android would actually benefit me.


      • Look at the end of the day having experienced iOS is great! I think everyone should try it and this is just your turn to give it a bash. My wife loves Apple and so every time she wants me to do something for her I get to try it out again.

        You remember the days where every time you switched to a different cellphone manufacturer you got a different OS? I miss those days and that’s why I love trying out different OS’s. Maybe not the place to mention it but I’m dying to try out Windows Mobile sometime, I’ve heard some good things.


  2. I too was an android / microsoft die hard until I got my first ipad mini… am now on my third! Initially purchase the 1st gen mini in black and then decided I wanted the white one (preference really) – several months ago I upgraded to the 2nd gen retina version.
    The retina screen does make viewing text and images far nicer, and the network is faster on the 2nd gen mini as well… we have 160mb internet in our house, and the 1st gen model could only get about 60-70mb in speedtests even on the 5g connection, whereas the latest ipad mini gets 135-140mb speedtests!
    I used to take my laptop to work everyday to use in my lunchtime, but the mini is just so much more portable and pleasant to use when your out and about.


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