I Heart Apple…There, I Said It!

Ok ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Mainly because I’ve been too caught up with life as a newlywed(it’s been great!), but honestly I’ve been too lazy and slightly discouraged to blog. Nonetheless, I’m here to say it’s official, I Love Apple! Yup, Android’s former poster child, Phil Culver is in love with the hipster’s best friend.

How Did I End Up Here?

Well about two months ago, I got curious one day while using my HTC One M8. After being tantalized by iOS 8 during WWDC this year I began to ask myself a question, “Is iOS really superior to Android?” I looked at Apple’s polished design and inherent attention to detail and could not help but wonder if life would be better with iOS. Soon thereafter I purchased an iPad Mini w/ Retina display from T-Mobile. For those who don’t know (which is probably every person who reads this) I search reviews for months before finally pulling the trigger. Not this time! I was so ready to jump ship from Android since owning my iPad for about a month. Honestly, besides enjoying the smoothness and uniformity that came with iOS, I really just wanted a phone that played well with my tablet. I mean don’t get me wrong, it was bearable but living between Apple services and Google can be kind of taxing.

My New Bundle of Joy

So after running out to the T-Mobile store and discovering that I was eligible for another jump upgrade, I went ahead and purchased my first iPhone. The switch was actually quite painless and setting up iCloud was way more convenient than I thought it was going to be. Heck, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to set up my phone without a desktop or laptop to plug into (yeah my stereotypes for Apple were that bad). Even setting up my google apps was not much of a hassle, especially since all the apps I used before were carried by the App Store.
Now my past few months have been a great joy! Using my iPhone and iPad has been a simple and seamless experience. For all the Android fanboys out there, no I have not been able to customize and download as I freely did before. But those have been only minor caveats in my conversion to iWorld.

Beauty is Vain and Fleeting (expect in iOS)

Now let me tell you this. I am a sucker for beautifully designed mobile apps. As expected I love to use a beautiful mobile OS. With iOS apps I feel like most (some developers are still lagging in the update of their apps) just melt right into the OS. Apps feel like they were designed by Apple themselves because they tend to adhere to the guidelines of iOS design. This is something I rarely experienced with Android. In terms of design, Android always felt like this hodge-podge of what Google, the OEM (i.e. Samsung, LG, HTC, etc), and the app developer had in mind for apps. For example, it was annoying how the notification bar at the top of the screen just stood out as a stupid black bar from the app I was using. That lead me to realize what iOS has that Android doesn’t, Polish.

The Dark Side

Ok so my switch to iOS hasn’t been perfect. Yes, iOS has been simple to use. But sometimes it’s so simple that it holds itself back from being powerful. With my Android phone I felt like I had a desktop PC in my pocket. I could do anything! Besides FaceTime anyone… The internet was mine to be controlled however I wanted. But not so much with my iDevices. Downloading files from the web can be a pain and downloading legally free music is impossible without connecting to a computer with iTunes. I’ve learned to live with these limitations, but I hope Apple changes them in the future. But so far so good. I’ll just have to live with what Apple gives me, because what they have going for their mobile ecosystem is just too good to let go.

Thanks for listening to my Apple rant. Feel free to comment below if you think I’m still crazy for switching or if you have any other tech related questions. Oh, and if you just can’t get enough make sure you hit me with a follow.


2 thoughts on “I Heart Apple…There, I Said It!

  1. Yep you’re crazy for switching, as you say… But that’s your choice and not my concern!

    I do like iPhones, but the limitations… I’d feel like I’m using a dumbed down phone. And then there iTunes.

    Thanks for sharing!


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